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Perfect fans for commercial & industrial ventilation and air purification! We can keep your facilities cool and fresh.

Fengqida is a branch of Minxin Industry specialized in axial flow cooling fans.

AC Fans, DC Fans, Frameless Fans, Micro Fans
  • Sizes range from 20mm to 370mm
  • AC 110V/120V/220V/230V/240V or DC 5V/12V/24V/48V input, voltage fully customizable
  • Airflow Ability Up to 1170 CFM / 0.84 Inch-H2O
  • Outstanding airflow performance but low in static pressure
  • Suitable for air extraction or cooling applications with low system resistance, such as appliances, medical equipment, switchgear, server rack, miners, and LED lights
  • MOQ 100pcs, Free Sample Provided
  • Fast Delivery as fast as 7 days

Axial Cooling Fan Applications

axial cooling fan applications, industrial cooling fan application

Looking for industrial fans for your next project?

    industrial fan shipping

    Worldwide & Fast Delivery

    Europe, America, Asia: Wherever you are, we promise 10 day delivery worldwide! Additional services, such as custom clearance, are available if you need them.

    industrial fan customization

    Fully Customizable

    It doesn't matter what you need: A different material, larger dimensions, some crazy voltage or a different rotation speed, everything on the fan is customizable from the ground up for you!

    axial fan production, cooling fan production

    Competitive Prices

    Our growth has enabled us to get into more competitive markets. With 20,000m² automated facilities, 200+ staff and 10 production lines, we managed to get the cost down for above average quality, that's for you!

    after-sale service

    Great Support and Free Consultation

    If we work together, you will get our full package of customer support. We reply within 12 hours, and offer free consultation for your project when you join us as a customer!

    Experience doesn't always lead to excellence, in Minxin you can find both

    fan motor production

    Fan Motor Production

    axial fan assembly

    Cooling Fan Assembly

    centrifugal fan assembly

    In-Production Test

    industrial fan automated production

    Fan Bearing Assembly

    fan test, fan performance test

    Fan Performance Test

    industrial fan packaging, cooling fan packaging, axial fan packaging

    Fan Packaging


    Explosion proof certificate, explosion proof fan
    Explosion Proof Certificate
    centrifugal fan ce certificate
    Centrifugal Fan CE Certificate
    Axial Flow Cooling Fan CE Certificate
    Axial Flow Cooling Fan CE Certificate
    Fan fcc certificate
    FCC Certificate

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    Muhammad Asim

    "Working with Minxin was amazing. We had to install the ventilation system in one of our greenhouse projects, and they were kind enough to hop on a call with us and see what the best solution for our case would be."

    customer feedback

    Antonio Patzan

    "I am so glad that I found Minxin as a partner 6 years ago, they were responsive, met my every unique request for my HVAC projects all the time. Cooperations with them have always be worry-free for me"

    Zhang Changsheng

    Zhang Changsheng

    "The Minxin is helpful and always ready to take responsibility, the cooling fans I received for my server rack ventilation projects are rugged and durable, some fans have been working for more than 5 years by now, I've seen no company more responsbile throughout my 30+ years trading experience "

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