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Top 5 Brands of Farm Fans

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How to Choose Greenhouse Fans?

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How to Design Ventilation System for A Poultry Farmhouse

The ventilation fans for poultry farmhouses can be generally divided into two types, namely mechanical ventilation fan and natural ventilation fan. In design, it is quite necessary to pay attention to the thorough ventilation. The required ventilation volume should be calculated based on the standard ventilation volume of each chicken and the number of the chicken, and then the number of fans to be installed is calculated according to their performance.

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3 Measures For Summer Heatstroke Prevention In livestock Farms

The high temperature in summer has a considerable impact on the livestock industry, which is mainly manifested in low productivity of breeding boars, weak fertility and non-estrus or dull estrus of sows, various reproductive diseases, miscarriage and premature birth of farrow sows as well as less ADFI and slow weight-gaining of finishing livestock. Therefore, it is a vitally important task in livestock production to lower the temperature in summer, which is also a headache for many livestock farm operators. To solve this problem, the author summarizes some effective measures to lower the temperature and prevent heatstroke in summer for farmers’ reference, such as the insulation of livestock house, facility cooling, feeding management and feed formula, etc.

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The Importance & Measures of Climate Control in Dairy Farm

The improper design and management of Dairy farms will slow down the growth of cows and reduce milk production and shorten their life span. One of the great impacts is the air quality in Dairy Farm. Cows at any childbearing period will be affected by the respiratory environment, and the large amount of ammonia produced by cow dung in Dairy farms is harmful to the entire respiratory system. Therefore, it is quite necessary to optimize the ventilation system to avoid these hazards in the Dairy Farm design and management.

6 Factors Leading to The Poor Air Quality in Dairy Farm

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10 Important Factors to Consider in Designing and Constructing a Pig Farm

Swine producers must take into consideration the design of their pig farms before they begin the construction. This design serves as the foundation of the growth and development of the pigs. In other words, an efficient pig farm encourages swine quality and performance. Although a well-maintained pig farm is not the sole factor behind pigs’ health, poorly built housing can promote disease contraction and even more problems.

Why is Pig Farm Designing Important?

The quality of the pig farm design directly affects the health of the pigs along with their profitability. Although this is not the only determinant to swine production quality, this can lower mortality rates, promote growth, and increase feeding efficiency. Moreover, pig raisers can save money when there are fewer problems with the swine’s health conditions.

There are no shortcuts on the road to success in pig farming but constructing a good one is a great start. Selecting a housing that maintains the pigs’ health and well-being can enhance the quality of swine production. In designing a pig farm, one must consider the feeding method, pig slaughtering weight, pig manure handling, and the swine production plan. That said, here are the 10 factors you need to consider in the design of pig housing:

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How to Keep Your Chickens Cool & Healthy in the Summer

Chickens can easily fall ill during the hot summer season. High temperatures and humidity during the summer months are not conducive to the production of chickens. While there is no noticeable change in the performance of laying chickens throughout the temperature range of 10-28℃, when the temperature is higher than 30℃, it’s common to see a decrease in feed intake, egg-laying rate, and fertilization rat which can cause slow growth and reduce the percentage of live weight growth. In turn, the egg-laying rate causes egg prices to rise. As the heat increases, it’s essential to pay special attention to the poultry farms’ cooling and heatstroke prevention.

What can we do to keep chickens cool and healthy during the summer?
Poultry farms must keep their focus on ventilation, cooling, and heat insulation measures. These are the most commonly practiced cooling methods:

  1. Equipment Cooling System
  2. Green Cooling
  3. Building Cooling
  4. Water Cooling
  5. Feeding Cooling

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4 Ways to Ventilate and Cool Large Scale Greenhouses in Summer and Their Maintenance Tips

I. Skylight side window system

Skylight, as one of the indispensable equipment for large scale greenhouse, is usually constructed at the top of the greenhouse roughly parallel to the roof ridge, and is made of the same material as the roof, which has a bracket that can be stuck at any position. The opening and closing of the skylight and its opening size can be controlled by the three control buttons of Open, Close and Stop according to the weather conditions and the greenhouse environment.

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How to Get Rid of Heat Stress in Workplace

A working environment with good air circulation,fresh air and high oxygen content is quite necessary for employees working in factory workshops.

Most workshops get poor air quality and inadequate ventilation. For employees who work in such a harsh environment for a long time, their respiratory tract is prone to infection, which severely affects their physical and mental health as well as long-term work efficiency.

The methods of workshop cooling and ventilation are as follows:

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