poultry farmhouse ventilation system

How to Design Ventilation System for A Poultry Farmhouse

The ventilation fans for poultry farmhouses can be generally divided into two types, namely mechanical ventilation fan and natural ventilation fan. In design, it is quite necessary to pay attention to the thorough ventilation. The required ventilation volume should be calculated based on the standard ventilation volume of each chicken and the number of the chicken, and then the number of fans to be installed is calculated according to their performance.

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livestock farm cooling

3 Measures For Summer Heatstroke Prevention In livestock Farms

The high temperature in summer has a considerable impact on the livestock industry, which is mainly manifested in low productivity of breeding boars, weak fertility and non-estrus or dull estrus of sows, various reproductive diseases, miscarriage and premature birth of farrow sows as well as less ADFI and slow weight-gaining of finishing livestock. Therefore, it is a vitally important task in livestock production to lower the temperature in summer, which is also a headache for many livestock farm operators. To solve this problem, the author summarizes some effective measures to lower the temperature and prevent heatstroke in summer for farmers’ reference, such as the insulation of livestock house, facility cooling, feeding management and feed formula, etc.

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