Corrosion Resistant Fiberglass Industrial Exhaust Fan


  • Cabinet exhaust fan design with fiberglass shutters and frames
  • Fiberglass-reinforced polypropylene propellers
  • Through-wall mount type, clean and tidy
  • Capable of venting reactive, non-explosive fumes
  • Single speed, can be customized to be variable speed


    While steel is good, fiberglass is great as well!

    People like steel. But did you try out our fiberglass ventilator instead? It is corrosion-resitant, so you will never have to worry about replacing it because of that. It includes all of the features our other exhaust fans have: Automated shutters and a safety protections.

    If you are experiencing some really heavy air or exhaust, this fan is the perfect choice for you! It will be a great fit, you will see.



    Item No. Dimensions(mm) Power(W) Air Flow Voltage/Frequency Noise Rotation Speed Net Weight
    850# 850x850x480mm(33"x33"x19”) 370W (8P) 28000m³/h


    380V/50Hz (customizable) ≤53db 620rpm 35kg
    1060# 1060x1060x550mm(42"x42"x22”) 550W (10P) 32000m³/h


    380V/50Hz (customizable) ≤55db 560rpm 45kg
    1260# 1260x1260x560mm(50"x50"x22”) 750W (10P) 37000m³/h


    380V/50Hz (customizable) ≤65db 560rpm 55kg
    1460# 1460x1460x580mm(57"x57"x23”) 1.1KW(10P) 45000m³/h 26500CFM  380V/50Hz (customizable) ≤65db 560rpm 65kg