Cow Comfort Dairy Farm Cooling Fan  


  • Hanging fan for cooling, easy to install, maintenance
  • Airflow up from 22,000m3/h to 55800m3/h
  • Full copper motors with aluminum alloy housing.
  • Direct-driven, no belt consumables needed
  • Can be shipped in dismantled or fully assmebled manner
  • Fan blades are well designed to ensure the circulation fan smooth running, lower vibration, less noise, increase stability.
  • Fan sizes can be customized as per customers requirements.


    Do you need fresh air in your livestock cow house?

    Hanging fan can be hanged directly in the dairy cow house, no need to install in the wall. It is mainly used in the cattle or other open and semi-open livestock houses for ventilation and cooling purposes. This kind of fan has larger air flow and easy installation.

    And the best part: It is fully customizable. If this fan doesn't match your requirements just contact us and we will make sure to work on your requirements!



    Model Dimensions(mm) Blades Diameters


    Blades Speed


    Motor Speed




    Input Power(w) Total Pressure(Pa) Noise dB(A)
    MX-900 1000*1000*280 900 540 1400 23000 400 56 <=60
    MX-1000 1100*1100*280 1000 540 1400 32500 550 56 <=60
    MX-1100 1200*1200*280 1100 540 1400 38000 670 56 <=60