Exhaust Fan Applications

Indoor air often contains a range of pollutants, allergens, moisture, and dust in places with poor ventilation, to remove these airborne pollutants, exhaust fans are often used for air ventilation, circulation and even cooling. Here are the most common applications of exhaust fans:

  1. Chemical Factories or Coal Pit which contains flammable gases or chemical materials.

Explosion resistant exhaust fans provides exhaust to help remove heat, condensation and noise, great for places with poor ventilation which require superior heavy-duty air exhaust, such as electroplating factory, heat treatment factory, chemical factories and coal pit.

  1. Ordinary Factories: industrial exhaust fans helps to get ride of excess heat, moisture, and unpleasant fumes from the assembly workshops, woven factories, plastic factory, die casting factory, shoes factory, And it helps to provide moisture and cool the room with the help of evaporative cooling pads.
  2. Agricultural Applications: air suction exhaust fans remove excess heat, odors and humidity,ideal for use in large barns, diary houses, greenhouses and poultry farm.
  3. Commerical Applications: the quiet exhaust blower fan removes excess heat, moisture and even unsavory smells from residential or commercial locations, such as restaurants, garages, office buildings and warehouses.
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