Greenhouse Ventilation

Greenhouse ventilation Systems are systems that make use of distributed inlet and outlet exhaust systems to maintain steady airflow, temperature, and humidity within a greenhouse. Depending on their geographic location and ventilation needs, these systems sometimes also make use of air coolers, exhaust fans or circulation fans to help better control the trapped heat and humidity generated from growing plants.

greenhouse cone exhaust fan, 50inch ventilation cone fan

About The Greenhouse Industry

Commercial greenhouses are typically high-tech structures dedicated to the horticultural needs of plants, where environmental properties such as temperature, light exposure, irrigation, fertilization, humidity, and ventilation can be controlled for optimal crop growth.

Over the past decade, the world greenhouse industry has grown tremendously.  This increase is driven by the need for higher indoor production due to limited land, water, and labor.  It is crucial that commercial greenhouse managers are on the leading edge of production and operations within their facilities, understanding that their plants require constant attention and careful management to thrive.

Why We Need Greenhouse Ventilation System?

One critical element of operations for greenhouse management is climate control, which includes providing optimum lighting, heating, ventilation, insulation, and greenhouse irrigation.  Without optimal climate control, crops will generate much lower yields, decreasing the greenhouse’s profitability.  When plants receive optimal climate control, high yields are guaranteed.

Appropriate ventilation and cooling is key to achieving maximum greenhouse climate control.  The primary purpose of ventilation is to control the heat and humidity inside the greenhouse so that plants can thrive with little risk from insects and disease.  Adding exhaust fans and circulation fans can provide optimal airflow to keep commercial greenhouses from overheating.  Exhaust fans pull hot air out of the greenhouse so that fresh air enters and cools the greenhouse, greenhouse fan and pad cooling system will greatly help to cool the greenhouse in the summer.

greenhouse box fan, greenhouse cooling fan, greenhouse shutter exhaust fan
greenhouse cooling pad, greenhouse cooling wall, evaporation cooling wall

How to Design Greenhouse Ventilation System?

There are normally 3 ways to achieve ideal climate control within the greenhouse:

  1. Natural ventilation: there are scrolling up sidewalls or open roof in the greenhouse for ventilation, the fresh cold air comes through the sidewall opennings of the greenhouse, then the heated air rises up in the greenhouse and vent out though the roof openning.Fresh air exchange can help to bring down the temperature inside the greenhouse.
  2. Fan and Evaporative Cooling Pad System: installing evaporation cooling walls in one side of the greenhouse, and install the negative pressure exhaust fans on the opposite side of the greenhouse, it is the most cost-effective way to bring down the temperature inside the greenhouse in hot summer. In most of cases, the evaporative cooling pads with exhaust fans combination can help to bring down the temperature by 4 to 8 degrees.
  3. Ventilation exhaust fans and Circulation Fans: Installing box type or cone type exhaust fans in the wall of the greenhouse, and hang the circulation fans under the roof of the greenhouse, this way is similar to the first natural ventilation, but the air exchange speed is much higher due to the ventilation of the exhaust fans and circulation fans.

Normally the air exchange rate recommended for greenhouse ventilation will be 25 to 30 times per hour, we can also calculate how much cfm we need for the greenhouse, then we can choose the right greenhouse fans for it.

For example, a greenhouse is of 8m width, 40m length and 4.5m height for example, then the cfm the greenhouse need per hour is 40m x 8m x 4.5m x 30(times/hour) = 43200m³/h, then you will need the fans which can provide 43200m³/h air volume.

At Minxin, we are able to help you with greenhouse climate control solutions that maintain steady airflow, temperature, and humidity within your commercial greenhouse. We design quality exhaust fans, circulation fans, evaporative cooling pads, evaporative air coolers and conditioning systems specific to your location and ventilation needs that will create an comfortable environment for your plants and therefore increase your greenhouse’s profitability.

Our Fans and Pad for Greenhouse Ventilation

Galvanized Butterfly Cone Fan

These cone type exhaust fans are known for their robustness and high ventilation capacity.

  • Butterfly cone fan type or shutter cone type exhaust fans for choice
  • High air volume
  • Heavy duty design

Fiberglass Cone Fan

Fiberglass material for better corrosion and UV resistance.

  • Heavy duty aluminum fan blades, higher durability
  • Deep cone type, higher ventilation capacity
  • Available in 36inch, 40inch, 50inch and 54inch

50 inch Extractor Fan

50 inch extractor fan comes with 3 durable nylon blades, with speed control for option.

  • Box type extractor fan, easy installation
  • Automatic shutters to keep out rain, dust and light
  • High air volume
  • Widely used as heat extraction fan for factories, greenhouses, warehouses and farms.

Greenhouse Louver Exhaust Fan with Thermostat

2021 Newest Linear Actuator Drived Greenhouse Louver Exhaust Fans, with thermostat control for automatic ventilation.

  • Box type, easy installation
  • Linear actuator drived louvers to keep out rain, dust and light
  • Various sizes available, high air volume
  • With thermostat control for auto vent
  • Widely used as heat extraction fan for factories, greenhouses, warehouses and farms.

3 Speed Pedestal Wall Amount Industrial Oscillating Fan

20" 26" 30" 3 Speed Pedestal Wall Amount Industrial Oscillating Fan

  • This 20'' 26'' 30" 3 Speed Pedestal Wall Amount Industrial Oscillating Fan by Minxin, widely circulates air in spaces such as warehouses, factories, grow tent, greenhouses, workshops, basement, and other large areas.
  • Has 3 powerhouse speeds with pull cord controls and an enclosed motor for added safety.

Air Circulation Fans

These air circulators are of compact design yet high air flow. It can be portable with wheels or handle, or fixed under roof.

  • Various sizes 
  • Robust design
  • High energy efficiency
  • Multi-purpose applications

Push Pull Exhaust Fan

Push pull system exhaust fans are generally of lower noise in operation, at least 5db less than other models.

  • Large fan blade, large air flow
  • Anti-rust thick galvanized steel
  • Various fan sizes for choice
  • With automtic shutters to keep out rain and dust

Corrosion Resistant Ventilation Box Fan

The perfect choice for greenhouse ventilation. It can be easily built in at any wall and has anti-rust and corrosion resistant materials.

  • Fully customizable fan housing including galvanized steel, 304 and 430 stainless steel
  • Precisely prefabricated stainless steel blades for higher durability
  • High ventilation efficiency
  • Multiple sizes for choice

Evaporative Cooling Pad

The perfect choice for greenhouse cooling. It greatly helps with the greenhouse temperature control and humidity control.

  • Customizable dimensions
  • Comes with aluminum frame or steel frame for options
  • High cooling efficiency
  • Multiple types for choice: 5090, 6090, 7090

AC DC EC Silent 4 6 Inch Greenhouse Inline Exhaust Fan

4 6 Inch Greenhouse Inline Exhaust Fan

  • AC DC EC silent 4 6 Inch inline duct exhaust fan with speed regulator for Hydroponic,Greenhouse,Grow tent
  • Appliction: Use anywhere that would benefit from improved air flow to reduce humidity, clear the air and lower temperatures in grow rooms, greenhouses, grow tent, basements or kitchens

Your Best Greenhouse Ventilation Partner in The World!

Minxin Industrial works with operators to help solve their complex ventilation problems. From sector specific ventilation solutions for the industrial, commercial, greenhouse, poultry, dairy and swine markets; to production manufacturing for industry sales and supply houses, Minxin delivers the world’s top organizations the ventilation exhaust fans and cooling system they need.

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