how exhaust fans work

How Do Exhaust Fans Work?

Exhaust fans are installed facing the door or window, which intakes the outdoor fresh air, and extract the air inside the room, any poor ventilation can be improved, the ventilation effect can reach 90%-97%.

What Can Exhaust Fans Do?

  1. For air ventilation purpose: installed outside the workshop window using downward air outlet, and exhaust outside to extract odor, excessive heat, noise and moisture.
  2. For cooling purpose: the cooling pad with exhaust fan system can keepthe temperature of your workshop to stay about 30 ℃, and there is a certain humidity.
  3. For air circulation purpose: generally, the efficiency of ordinary exhaust fans is relatively poor, while air suction exhaust fans are of superior performance. Whether it is placed on the ground or hung in the air. There will be air movement in every corner if 6to 8 units of exhaust fans installed for a workshop of 1000 square meters.
cooling effect of exhaust fan and cooling pad
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