How to Choose Greenhouse Fans?

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A greenhouse is an enclosure that lets plants and other vegetation grow in a controlled environment. The basic premise of a greenhouse is to shield plants from adverse weather effects. It may include sunlight, snow, hail, humidity, rain, storms, etc. To keep the climate inside a greenhouse stable and uniform, a variety of tools and devices are used, and greenhouse fans are one of them.

Why Do We Need Fans for the Greenhouse?

As discussed above, a greenhouse needs to have a uniform temperature and to achieve it, we use many things, and a greenhouse fan is an essential part of the scheme. Here are some other reasons as to why we need fans for the greenhouse.

  • They make it possible to exchange air.
  • They balance the Carbon dioxide and Oxygen levels in the greenhouse.
  • They help control the temperature. Turning the fans on and off can alter the temperature as the need be.
  • They also keep the humidity level in check inside the greenhouse.
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Types of Greenhouse Fans:

The following are some of the main types of greenhouse fans.

Exhaust Fans: They can help discharge heavy air and humidity trapped inside the greenhouse. But to be effective, they need the help of openings and tilts ideally situated just opposite of exhaust fans. They let the fresh air in as the exhaust fan clears the stuffiness inside the greenhouse.

Circulation Fans: They can be both horizontal and vertical airflow fans. They are very effective in keeping air flowing inside the greenhouse. A single circulation fan may not be enough. There should be more than one fan placed strategically to keep the air moving in the greenhouse.

Evaporative Cooling System: It works with a combination of a fan and a cooling pad. The fan sucks in air via the wet pads. When the water vapor dries up, cool air gets dispersed in the greenhouse.

Jet Fan: It is a complex machinery equipped with an exhaust fan, tubes to control airflow, and a motorized shutter. It dissipates air continually and uniformly. It is suitable for more extensive and commercial greenhouses.

How to Choose Fans for the Greenhouse?

You can consider several factors before choosing fans for the greenhouse. We are listing some of them below;

  • The size of the greenhouse. The bigger the size, the bigger the number of fans for it.
  • It would help if you also considered the energy needs of your plants and the output you want from them.
  • The weather outside matters a great deal. It would be best if you bought fans that complement the weather needs.
  • Budget, like any other purchase decision, is critical here as well.
  • Before going all out with fans’ purchases on your own, seek expert advice. He may be able to guide you better in how many fans you need, where to install them, and how to take maximum benefit from them.
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So, that was all for greenhouse fans, their different types, why you need them and how you can choose the ones for your greenhouse. We hope this has been helpful to you