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How to Get Rid of Heat Stress in Workplace

A working environment with good air circulation,fresh air and high oxygen content is quite necessary for employees working in factory workshops.

Most workshops get poor air quality and inadequate ventilation. For employees who work in such a harsh environment for a long time, their respiratory tract is prone to infection, which severely affects their physical and mental health as well as long-term work efficiency.

The methods of workshop cooling and ventilation are as follows:

First, install powerful industrial exhaust fans on windows

factory ventilation fan, factory exhaust fan

Install the powerful industrial exhaust fans in the workplace where the original ventilation windows of the workshop are. When the industrial exhaust fans are powered on, the stationary air indoors will be quickly drawn out of the workshop, causing the air in the workshop to flow in line with the set direction and flow speed, and forcing the air in the workshop to flow to achieve good ventilation. This method is suitable for the workplace with an area larger than 100 square meters and with poor natural ventilation conditions, where an environment with fast airflow is required, especially suitable for the workplace where the air composition contains smoke, odors, and dust.

Second, Install exhaust fan + cooling pad water cooling system.

evaporative cooling pad system, water cooling system, fan cooling pad system
Install negative pressure exhaust fans on one wall of the workshop, and install evaporative cooling system on the opposite wall to cool the air entering the workshop through the evaporative cooling pad, then the air gets a lower temperature and is forced into the workshop by the negative pressure exhaust fan to reduce the temperature. This method can reach the best cooling effect if used together with a negative pressure exhaust fan. It should be noted that the amount and speed of the air drawn in by the evaporative cooling pad water cooling system should be sufficient to supplement the amount and speed of the hot and stuffy air exhausted from the workshop, at the same time, make sure the workshop is well sealed and the air entering the workshop only through the evaporative cooling pad water cooling system.

Third, install non-powered rooftop fans

rooftop fans
Non-powered rooftop fan is a kind of ventilation equipment that does not require electricity and uses airflow to drive the fan blades to realize ventilation. If flammable and explosive dangerous goods and chemical raw materials are stacked in the workshop, volatilized gas in the process of storage and turnaround will be diffused throughout the workshop, and it is easy to cause explosions and fire accidents without timely ventilation. The electric ventilating equipment such as ordinary industrial exhaust fans and ventilators can not be used, in this case, the non-powered ventilation fans can be installed on the rooftop. The advantage is that it does not need electricity, and the disadvantage is that the ventilation volume cannot be controlled artificially and the ventilation effect is unstable.

Finally, install evaporative air coolers for air supply

water evaporative air cooler, industrial air cooler, wall mount air cooler
Many workshops have windows on only one wall and few ventilation windows, and the other three walls and the roof cannot meet the conditions to install industrial exhaust fans, non-powered rooftop fans, or other facilities, so the only way is to install evaporative air coolers to supply cool and fresh air outdoors to the workshop under positive pressure, thus forcing the air gathering in the workshop out of the workshop to achieve the purpose of air flow and ventilation.

The disadvantages of wall mount industrial air coolers include difficult installation and construction, requirement of water supply conditions, great destructiveness to the site, and troublesome maintenance, however, the portable industrial air coolers do not have these issues.

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