Solar Rechargeable Battery Dual Power Floor Fan


  • The solar panel runs the fan fast under direct sunshine. the solar fan will working more slow or stops working when the sunshine is weak. Our solar power floor fan is special solar and working with our plan is faster
  • Solar Rechargeable Battery Dual Power Floor Fan has high efficiency miniature solar cell, can easily be arranged for larger load applications including higher voltage and current loads.Very small size, small footprint, easy to carry, easy to install,Easy to enjoy natural wind.
  •  Saving Energy Mini Solar Power Floor Fan, Safe and reliable The fan blade is a plastic machine that is lightweight, delicate, and low-speed operation. Absolutely will not harm the human body, can rest assured that use.


    Wide range of uses solar fans are extremely suitable for use in mosquito , sofas, writing desks, kitchens and bathrooms.Also available in schools, nursing homes, shops, hotels, wards, kindergartens, and factory workshops,Pipeline and other places.

    Can use on cloudy days or indoors with USB charging.



    Blade Size 10 inch 12 inch 16 inch
    USB Output / / /
    Maximum Air Flow 1000 1250 2500
    Battery Volume 7800 mAh 12000 mAh 15600 mAh
    Tilting Angle 360 degree 360 degree 120 degree
    Recharge Time 2.5~4 hrs 2~3 hrs 2.5~3 hrs
    Run Time 4~20 hrs 4~20 hrs 3~24 hrs
    N.W./G.W. (lb) 5.5/8.4 6.4/8.8 8.6/12.2
    Unit Dimension
    14.49*6.02*12.80 17.1*7.9*15.7 20.9*8.7*18.7