China exhaust fan manufacturing places

The Top 3 Places to Find Exhaust Fan Manufacturers in China

Due to the recent rapid increase in the number of exhaust fan manufacturers in China, the price of exhaust fans has dropped significantly.

Utilization of an exhaust fan can resolve the issue of poor ventilation and improve the ventilation and cooling of a facility by approximately 90-97%. Using air convection and negative pressure ventilation, the exhaust fan is installed on the wall opposite to a door or window to quickly discharge hot, contaminated air outdoors and introduce clean, cool air into a facility.

The Number of Exhaust Fans Manufactured in China is Projected to Reach 4,300,000 Units in 2019

The manufacturing of exhaust fans in China began in the 1990s, a late start in comparison to others in the exhaust fan manufacturing industry.  Previously, exhaust fans had been imported until the increase of independent manufacturing brands in China caused the withdraw of imported fans from the market. According to the Industry Research Institute, total manufactured units of exhaust fans in China are projected reach approximately 2.6 million in 2005, 3.1 million in 2010, and 4.3 million in 2019.

Since 2015, several well-known exhaust fan brands such as Popula, Jiafeng, Detong, Damuren, and Jiatianxia have emerged in the Chinese market. Among the developing exhaust fan brands, these manufacturers are mainly divided into three categories. The first category of manufacturer specializes in negative pressure exhaust fans only, represented by manufacturers like Minxin, Tuhe, and Lantianjiafeng. The second category specializes in integrated livestock breeding equipment solutions, represented by manufacturers such as Damuren Machinery, Huoqiu Muyuan Equipment Industry, Weifang Mutian Temperature Control Equipment, Qingzhou Hengyuan Temperature Control Equipment, etc. The third type specializes in all types of fans, represented by Popula Fans and Detong Fans.

The Decentralization of Industrial Enterprises of Exhaust Fans in China

The manufacturing of exhaust fans began in the Guangdong province of China in the 1990s, which included the production of the galvanized steel box exhaust fan (also known as the belt-drive exhaust fan) and fiberglass exhaust fan (also known as the direct-drive exhaust fan). Since the 21st century, the production of exhaust fans has expanded outside the Guandong province to other areas within China. Production of the galvanized steel box type exhaust fan and cone type exhaust fan have been transferred from Guangdong to Shangdong and the production of the fiberglass exhaust fan remains in Guangdong.

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The number of enterprises in East China accounts for 46.9% of the total exhaust fan enterprises in the country, primarily in the Zhejiang and Fujian provinces; Central and South China accounted for 21.4%, primarily in the Guangdong province; North China accounted for 11%, primarily in the Shandong province; and the number of exhaust fan companies in other areas accounted for less than 10%.

Among all the manufacturers in China, Guangdong manufacturers are known for their dependable products and high-quality materials, which is also where the companies of most exhaust fan brands come from. Most Shandong manufacturers are known for lower prices while quality varies, Zhejiang and Fujian manufacturers are capable of meeting the customer’s price point by offering a choice of different materials.


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