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Can We Use Air Conditioners in Covid-19 Pandemic?

As COVID-19 cases rise rapidly throughout the world, the entire world is doing everything to prevent and control the pandemic. Now that summer comes, cooling is necessity in the summer, most of us would choose air conditioners for cooling, but is it right to choose it in the circumstances of the virus pandemic?

According to the Harvard researches, air conditioners may be a factor in COVID-19’s spread. Because we basically stay at home for quarantine due to the corona virus outbreak, the traditional air conditioners provides internal air circulation only, the air is circulated in a closed space, and the oxygen content is reduced, therefore the virus and bacteria are more likely to survive and spread, poor air ventilation will increase the risk of being infected.

It gets more severe in large public places such as large shopping malls, bars, restaurants, factories, etc., There are a flood of people there, which adds risk of being infected. Is it possible to get air ventilation and cooling at the same time?

Here the solution comes—the water evaporative air coolers or called swamp cooler, because the water air cooler is a positive pressure air supply, it is meant to work with the doors or windows open. The outdoor fresh air goes in and get cooled by the air cooler, and the indoor air with heat and odor will be replaced. Choosing the water air cooler not only keeps the indoor air clean, it can also vent dirty air outside, greatly reducing the chance of infection.

The cooling method of water air coolers is different from that of air conditioning, which uses water as a refrigerant instead of “Freon”, water evaporation will take away the heat in the air for cooling, the wind from the water air cooler can moisturize the skin and add moisture to the air.

Compared with traditional air conditioners, the cost of water air coolers is less than half of traditional air conditioners because of the lack of external compressors. The water air coolers also requires less power consumption, a workshop of 100 square meters only requires 1 kWh/24 hours, the average power consumption of traditional air conditioners is several times higher than water air coolers.

Evaporative air coolers have greatly reduced the probability of virus infection during the pandemic due to their ventilation, cooling and low cost, which is becoming more and more popular in the hot summer season.

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