Specific ventilation solutions for the industrial, commercial, mining farm, greenhouse, poultry, dairy and swine markets

Tailored solutions and customized ventilation products.

Minxin delivers the world’s top organizations the ventilation products they need

Ventilation Solutions for Industries

Tailored solutions, customized ventilation products.

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Poultry Farm Ventilation

Ventilation in a poultry farm house is one of the most important aspects of keeping chickens healthy, in order to reduce breathing problems in the birds and achieve higher productivity and operational profits.

Greenhouse Ventilation

Appropriate ventilation is key to achieving maximum greenhouse climate control.  The primary purpose of ventilation is to control the heat and humidity inside the greenhouse so that plants can thrive with little risk from insects and disease.

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pig farm ventilation fan, pig farm ventilation system

Swine Farm Ventilation

When confining swines to a barn to maintain optimal health and safety standards, one of the most important considerations for the animals is the proper ventilation of their habitat. While natural ventilation is typically used in more moderate climates, one thing to keep in mind is how ventilation can greatly impact your livestock yield.

Dairy Farm Ventilation

The time and effort spent researching the venting possibilities is worthwhile, as selecting a good ventilation system can significantly increase the future of the farm.  Well built, efficient fans and regular maintenance of these fans contribute significantly to achieving proper ventilation and shelter while keeping energy costs for the dairy cow barn in check.

dairy farm circulation fan, dairy farm ventilation fan
data center ventilation, hosting center ventilation

Bitcoin Mining Ventilation

Bitcoin mining farms are essentially hardware data centers dedicated solely to mining Bitcoins.  There are normally 2 forms: bitcoin mining container, and large crypto mining center. These mining farms contain large power supplies that create massive amounts of heat.  Being equipped with ventilation equipment, like large industrial exhaust fans, conditioning systems to cool the equipment is critical.

Industrial Ventilation

In warehouses, factories and workshops, heat inside these places can be result of the process equipment, poor ventilated building, or just lots of people or stuff in the building on a hot day. Either way, a proper ventilation solutions is required. Good ventilation systems keep employees healthy, happy, and productive, and they can help your facility safer from fire alarms.

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Minxin Ventilation and Cooling Products for Industries

We have different ventilation fan profiles, styles, and power levels that can cover all industries, from big to small.

ventilation fan for garage, workshop exhaust fan, window exhaust fan

Exhaust Fans

Box fan, cone fan and fiberglass fans are available.
Fan size from 200mm (8inch) to 1750mm(68inch)
Ventilation capacity from 600CFM to 40,000CFM

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Circulation Fans, Tunnel fans, greenhouse circulation fans

Circulation Fans

Air circulation fan diameter ranges from 250mm(10inch) to 700mm(28inch)

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water air cooler, evaporative air cooler, desert air cooler

Industrial Air Coolers

Air volume from 12,000m³/h to 30,000m³/h
Widely used for farms, greenhouses, factories, warehouses, etc.

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