Mingxuan Technology is well known for its most complete production line for industrial fans and blowers.

Mingxuan Technology was founded in 2015, since then Mingxuan has been specialized in manufacturing industrial fans and blowers of all sizes, such as:
1. Floor Fans
2. Pedestal & wall mount oscillating fans
3. Portable and movable industrial blower fans
4. Industrial extractors
5. Duct Fans
6. Box type exhaust fans

Our products are built to deliver reliable performance, durability, and energy efficiency. Whether you need ventilation solutions for large industrial spaces or commercial facilities, our range of fans and ventilators are designed to meet your requirements.

Mingxuan industrial fans and blowers have been known for their robust designs and high durability, which have been used for a variety of commercial & industrial operations including shops, warehouses, production facilities, greenhouses, livestock & poultry buildings applications.

industrial portable blower ventilator

Industrial Ventilation & Cooling

office pedestal oscillating fan

Commercial Building Ventilation & Cooling

home air cooling floor fan

Home Ventilation & Cooling

greenhouse oscillating fan

Greenhouse Ventilation & Cooling

dairy farm ventilation fan

Diary Ventilation & Cooling

bitcoin mining ventilation fan, crypto mining ventilation fan

Bitcoin Mining Ventilation & Cooling

Supporting 120 employees, our 13,000 square meter factory is top-notch, Mingxuan Technology equipped itself with over 100 automatic machines and 10 production lines for better control of the quality and delivery time.

steel coil sliding workshop

Galvanized Steel Sliding & Cutting

aluminum die casting workshop

Aluminum Die Cast Tooling & Casting

plastic injection workshop

Plastic Molding & Injection Workshop

metal stamping workshop

Metal Stamping & Laser Cutting

fan motor production workshop

Motor Copper Coil Winding Line

Motor Assembly Workshop

Industrial Fan Assembly Workshop

industrial fan warehousing

Product Warehousing

What Mingxuan Technology Offers you

Worldwide delivery

Mingxuan technology can deliver any quantity of industrial fans and blowers within 20 workdays, moreover, we are able to take care of shipping and customs clearance in most countries in the world.


We are dedicated to developing and manufacturing high quality ventilation and cooling fans, all products are CE certified, and we are working to obtain more certifications like UL,KV-MARK, GS etc.

Complete Production Line

Supporting 120 employees, our 13,000 square meter factory is top-notch, Mingxuan Technology equipped itself with 100+ machines and 10 production lines, manufacturing all the parts of industrial fans and blowers in its own facility.


For sales inquiries or customer support, we are always here for you, all requests will be handled within 12 hours.
We offer 1-year quality guarantee and lifetime aftersale services for our industrial fans and blowers.

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