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Explosion Proof Industrial Ventilation Exhaust Fan


  • Rugged steel frame and shutters
  • Fiberglass reinforced PP fan propellers
  • Enclosed 100% copper motor with hermal overload protection
  • Wall mounted cabinet type, simple installation
  • Single speed, can be customized to be variable speed
  • Perfect for warehouse, plant, mill, spray booth, tank, etc.


    Are you handling fireworks, explosives or big machines?

    While most buildings are perfectly fit for the case of an explosion, most building parts are not. This why we created our own explosion proof fan for you, to make sure that even in the worst-case scenario your machines are safe.

    It has a great steel frame, automated shutters which will shut down in case of an emergency with fiberglass reinforced propellers.

    It's motor is 100% enclosed, so you do not have to worry about another part blowing up if you handle gasses.


    Item No. Dimensions(mm) Power(W) Air Flow Voltage/Frequency Noise Rotation Speed Net Weight
    900# 900x900x350mm


    370W (4P) 27000m³/h,


    380V/50Hz <55db 620rpm 45kg
    1060# 1060x1060x350mm


    550W (4P) 32000m³/h,


    380V/50Hz  <60db 520rpm 50kg
    1220# 1220x1220x350mm


    750W (4P) 37000m³/h,


    380V/50Hz  <60db 520rpm 65kg
    1380# 1380x1380x350mm


    1.1KW(4P) 44500m³/h, 26000CFM) 380V/50Hz  <65db 450rpm 75kg