Greenhouse Cooling Push Pull Centrifugal System Exhaust Fan

Yes of course we can fully custimize the exhaust fan to meet your unitque request, be it materials, dimensions or designs.

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    Greenhouse Cooling Push Pull Centrifugal System Exhaust Fan

    Fan Model Blade diameter
    (mm )
    Noise(db) Blade
    MX-P1530 1400(55in) 1530x1530x450mm 51000 〈64 520 1500
    MX-P1380 1270(50in) 1380x1380x450mm 45000 〈64 500 1100
    MX-P1220 1110(50in) 1220x1220x450mm 37000 〈60 480 750
    MX-P1100 1000(50in) 1100x1100x450mm 32500 〈60 470 750
    MX-P1000 890(36in) 1000x1000x450mm 23500 〈60 458 550


    275g/㎡ zinc coated ultra-thick sheet steel fan housing for higher corrosion-resistance performance.

    Large stainless steel fan blade for higher ventilation capacity, and higher durability.

    The push pull system exhaust fans are available in multiple sizes, mostly used for greenhouse cooling, poultry and pig farm cooling, factory and warehouse ventilation and cooling, etc.