Pig Farm Ventilation

Pig farm ventilation is a system composed of intake and exhaust fans that ensure proper temperature and airflow are maintained for the stock.
Ventilation brings in fresh air and extracts or dilutes harmful dusts, gases, and undesirable odors, as well as airborne organisms and moisture from the pigs.
Pig farm ventilation systems are the most effective means of maintaining steady humidity and temperature as well as air speed levels for livestock husbandry farm houses.

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Why Ventilation System is Important to Pig Farms?

When confining pigs to a barn to maintain optimal health and safety standards, one of the most important considerations for the animals is the proper ventilation of their habitat. While natural ventilation is typically used in more moderate climates, one thing to keep in mind is how ventilation can greatly impact your livestock yield.

It is well known that pigs are a more suitable livestock for colder climates, as their abundant fat stores help keep them warm through colder temperatures. However, what most operators do not consider is the impact consistently elevated temperatures can have on yield. As pigs get warmer, they tend to reduce their consumption to help cope with the additional stress brought on by heat. Because of this, operators typically begin to see smaller pigs as a result. By keeping pigs comfortable through mechanical air flow mediums, such as with pig farm ventilation systems made up of intake,circulation, and exhaust fans, operators can begin to keep happier pigs, which leads to higher yields.

How to Design Pig Farm Ventilation System?

There are generally 3 ways to properly ventilate the pig breeding farm and increase production:

  1. Natural ventilation:
    Natural ventilation system in a pig farm normally means modified monoslope roof and open sidewalls or large windows in the sidewalls. It relies on the heat from the pigs to keep the farm house warm in winter, and the dry wind in the weather to remove the humidity and odors from  the barn.
  1. Mechanical ventilation
    Mechanical ventilation system normally involves a series of fans, such as air intake fans, negative pressure exhaust fans, and tunnel circulation fans. Negative pressure exhaust fans forces air away from the pig farm, tunnel circulation fans enhances the air moving speed, and it can work with the negative pressure exhaust fans to fast extract out the polluted and heated air from the pig barn.
  1. Evaporation Curtain walls
    Evporation curtain walls normally work together with negative pressure exhaust fans as the fan and pad cooling system. It has been most effective yet cost-saving way to bring down the temperature inside the farm house. In this system, the evaporative cellulose cooling pad is installed in one sidewall or endwall of the farm house, and the exhaust fans to be installed on the opposite side to the cooling pads. This curtain wall and exhaust fan system can bring down the temperature in the farm house by 4~8 ℃, and increase the humidity by around 30%, while the effectiveness of this evaporatiion curtain wall and fan system varies from region to region.
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How Minxin Can Help with Your Pig Farm Ventilation System?

Minxin works with operators on their pig farm ventilation needs. We have different fan profiles, styles, and power levels that can cover all pig farm enclosures, from big to small. Our fans work as a part of a intelligent airflow management system to ensure your enclosures maintain the appropriate level of humidity, temperature, and airflow to ensure maximum health and viability of your livestock

Galvanized Butterfly Cone Fan

These cone type exhaust fans are known for their robustness and high ventilation capacity.

  • Butterfly cone fan type or shutter cone type exhaust fans for choice
  • High air volume
  • Heavy duty design

Fiberglass Cone Fan

Fiberglass material for better corrosion and UV resistance.

  • 3 Heavy duty aluminum fan blades, higher ventilation capacity
  • Deep cone type, higher ventilation capacity
  • Available in 36inch, 40inch, 50inch and 54inch

50 inch Extractor Fan

50 inch extractor fan comes with 3 durable nylon blades, with speed control for option.

  • Box type extractor fan or shutter type exhaust fans for choice
  • High air volume
  • Widely used as heat extraction fan for factories, greenhouses, warehouses and farms.

Air Circulation Fans

These air circulators are of compact design yet high air flow. It can be portable with wheels or handle, or fixed under roof.

  • Various sizes 
  • Robust design
  • High energy efficiency

Push Pull Exhaust Fan

Push pull system exhaust fans are generally of lower noise in operation, at least 5db less than other models.

  • Large fan blade, large air flow
  • Anti-rust thick galvanized steel material
  • Various fan sizes for choice

Waterproof Ventilation Extractor Fan

Waterproof stainless steel extractor fan is the perfect solution for that case. It can be easily built in at any wall and has anti-rust and corrosion restant materials.

  • Fully customizable fan housing including galvanized steel, 304 stainless steel and 430 stainless steel
  • Precisely prefabricated stainless steel blades for higher durability
  • High ventilation efficiency

Your Best Pig Farm Ventilation Partner in The World!

Minxin Industrial works with operators to help solve their complex ventilation problems. From sector specific ventilation solutions for the industrial, commercial, greenhouse, poultry, dairy and swine markets; to production manufacturing for industry sales and supply houses, Minxin delivers the world’s top organizations the ventilation exhaust fans and cooling system they need.

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