Can Air Cooler Be Used Without Water?

First of all , we should know how Air Cooler works. The evaporation system inside the air coolers is essential, it cools the air with the help of water, the Air Cooler sucks hot air from the outside and passes the hot air through the evaporative cooling pads fitted in the Air Cooler. At the same time, the water pump will send the water to the evaporative cooling pad. The water is required to continuously run thoroughly through the cooling pad in the Air Cooler. When the hot air passes through the evaporative cooling pad, the process of evaporation occurs. As a result, humid cool air will be released by the Air Cooler to bring down the temperature of the room.

It is to be stated that if you don’t provide water to the Air Cooler, the cooling pads of air cooler will stay dry and the evaporation won’t work out again. As a result, the air released from the Air Cooler will be hot air only. Air Cooler will work without water as a straightforward fan.
The hot air converts to cool air by evaporating the water through the evaporative cooling pads in the air cooler. Without water in the air cooler, there will be no evaporation. Then, the air cooler can be used as fan only.
The conclusion is that you need water to get cool air from the Air Cooler.  For an Air Cooler to give cool air , supply of the water is must.

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