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How to Choose The Right Poultry / Greenhouse Exhaust Fan

Negative pressure exhaust fan is an new type environmental friendly and energy-saving ventilation and cooling equipment which has been popular in recent years due to its features of large air volume, good ventilation effect, lower noise, easy installation and lower cost, it’s widely used in ventilation and cooling systems for factory, greenhouse, poultry house, animal husbandry, livestock farm etc. With so many brands and various specifications available for choice in the market, customers might wonder: what will be the measures to select the right fan for my applications?

It is widely known in the world: you pay for what you get. If you want good and durable exhaust fans, the cost will be high as well, this is universal rule for all products.

Here we list a few tips to help you decide and select the right exhaust fan for your poultry farm or greenhouse:
Fan frame: it can be made of galvanized sheet steel, 430 stainless steel, 304 stainless steel or fiberglass, among which the 304 stainless steel is the most durable material to choose, and it comes with high corrosion-resistance and rust-resistance. However, the cost of it is also also the highest. That’s why galvanized sheet steel fan frame are used in most cases.

Galvanized Sheet Thickness:
For 50 inch exhaust fan which is most often used in the greenhouse and poultry farm, 1.0mm thickness of the sheet steel will be very stability and durability in general, some customers may select 0.8mm thickness or 0.7mm thickness for comparably higher durability. There are also manufacturers in the market who make the the exhaust fans with 0.6mm or 0.5mm thickness galvanized sheet steel to meet the customers’ incredibly low budget for their projects, however, we don’t produce nor recommend this material to our customer for any kind of projects.

Thickness of Zinc Coating: if you require high durability exhaust fan for your poultry farm or greenhouse, we would suggest to use galvanized layer of 275g/㎡, for general application, you can choose the zinc coating of 180g/㎡,120 g/㎡or 80g/㎡ , the thickness of zinc coating will be decreased as the decline in numbers, so the corrosion resistance will be decreasing relatively.

Thickness of Orifice: for 50 inch exhaust fan, there are 0.6mm or 0.8mm thickness of orifice you can choose from, the thickness of galvanized sheet can be selected by situation.

Bearing: we recommend you use one piece deep groove automotive bearing, with special design of waterproof, high strength, lower noise, maintenance-free, and long service life.

Belt: there are two types of belt you can select, but we will suggest you choose the B type belt because B type belt is 3 times longer service life than A type belt, and maintenance free.

Motor: the fan motor’ rotor is made of metal strip with copper coil or aluminum coils, the price of aluminum coil is much lower than copper coil, but the mechanical properties and electrical conductivity of copper are better than aluminum.

All the fans are produced by Minxin Industry come with our own motor, some of which use Siemens motor upon customers’ request, all motors produced by Minxin Industry which are copper motors with simple structure, stable performance, lower price and convenient maintenance. The energy efficiency ratio of motor are up to the numbers of internal copper coils and steel sheet, Minxin motors use famous brand bearings, silicon steel sheet and enameled round copper wire with higher guaranteed performance.

Shutters: like the fan frame, there are many material choices for the shutter material, hot galvanized sheet steel with zinc thickness of 275g/㎡ will be a better choice, with higher anti-corrosion performance, longer service life, no deformation, no rust and more reliable operation.

Belt Pulley: there are materials of belt pulley in the market, which include stainless iron, plastic and Aluminum-magnesium alloy by die-casting. The stainless iron material is heavy, it will result in loud noise and low wind speed. The plastic pulley is of low durability, the belt pulley of Minxin is made of high strength aluminum-magnesium alloy by die-casting.

With hot press casting molding, good toughness, strong corrosion resistance, light weight and good for motor’s operation; and it has to go through blast-sanding treatment after die casting, in order to eliminate internal stress and improve its own rigidity and stability.

Fan Blade: blades are the top most factor which affects the ventilation capacity of an poultry or greenhouse exhaust fan, the blade ventilation performance is up to the design and size of the blade, however, the durability and corrosion-resistance of the fan blade is up to the material of the blade, blade materials are fiberglass, 304 stainless steel, galvanized sheet, aluminum alloy for option, the thickness are mostly 1.2mm or 1.0mm.

Every Minxin fan blade is specially molded for higher ventilation performance, and we would advise use 304 stainless steel material that is more durability and not easy to corrode if you budget allows.

Drop Hammer: high quality Nylon material

Safety Net: the safety net seems simple but it is very important, it is easy to have rust if the density of safety is not enough with high factor risk, the anti-rust doesn’t work out. You can choose hot-dip galvanized wire material, which has strong oxidation resistance, high welding density, small mesh, higher safety performance, and strong corrosion resistance.


Height of orifice, angle and size of fan blade, and power of motor can directly affect the air volume of exhaust fan, the one piece automotive bearing can reduce the noise of exhaust fan in operation, fully open-close design of shutter can prevent exhaust fan from rusting, and it also extend the service life of exhaust fan, the belt pulley uses blast-sanding treatment, eliminate internal stress to further improve its own rigidity and stability, the shutter can be fully open to 90 degree with the use of heavy hammer that ensure to reach lowest air resistance and maximum air volume of the fan.

In a word, before you choose a fan, remember these:

Fan material durability:  1.0mm steel > 0.8mm steel > 0.7mm steel > 0.6mm steel

The corrosion-resistance and rust-resistance of the material: fiberglass > 304 stainless steel > 275g/㎡ galvanized stainless steel > 180g/㎡ galvanized stainless steel > 120g/㎡ galvanized stainless steel > 80g/㎡ galvanized stainless steel

For normal applications like ventilation in poultry farm, greenhouse, livestock farm, factory and warehouse, the 275g/㎡ galvanized stainless steel is enough, 304 stainless material exhaust fans are normally used for environment which contains corrosive components or coastal cities.

The best way to select the right exhaust fan for your project is to consult and purchase from a reliable manufacturer, they will work out a solution tailored to your projects.

Minxin Industry company works with operators to help solve their complex ventilation problems. From sector specific ventilation solutions for the industrial, commercial, greenhouse, poultry, dairy and swine markets; to production manufacturing for industry sales and supply houses, Minxin delivers the world’s top organizations the ventilation products they need. Contact us:

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